About Michael

MichaelI’m a dad a husband and I’ve been a Realtor since 2001, a Bellingham area resident since 1974, so I know this area very well.

I like to think of myself as recovering from Multiple Sclerosis which left me unable to continue within my former career that I loved as a nationally recognized teacher of Thai Massage. I led 8 tours to Thailand during my massage career.

That career ending opened the door to a new career I love. It’s still all about helping people, this time with their real estate needs. I’ve lived lots of my dreams like travelling, living in Thailand and Maui, building my own cabin in the woods with hand tools, and marrying my beautiful wife from Thailand. Now I’m helping others live their dreams of home ownership.

I have had a great life and feel blessed to be able to be of service to people wanting to buy and sell homes in Bellingham and Whatcom and Skagit Counties.

Visit my website at http://www.BellinghamProperty.com/ and let ME be your “Eyes on Bellingham Real Estate”

2 Responses to About Michael

  1. Michael I have sold commercial real estate for 29 years in Amherst, New York.

    You have a great site, and thanks for stopping at mine. Grammology is something I do evenings in order to promote grandparents being involved with family today. There is so much stress to deal with I hope grandparents can bring a smile to their grandchildren. My husband and I are keeping two of our grandchildren ages 5 and 13.

    Best of luck,
    Dorothy from grammology
    remember to call gram

  2. Michael,
    Today, December 1, 2011 (wow! I can’t believe it is already December), I rec’d a call from Vincent Meza. He checks in with me every now and then to make recommendations on how to present myself out there in the ‘wide world of Social media, etc.’ He recommended I take a look at your FB site. Which I did. He recommended I take a look at your WordPress Blog site, which I did. Great information. I love it. I refer to myself as a ‘work in progress’ as I am always trying to improve my social media skills, technology skills, etc.. I am a full time Realtor in the Palm Springs area since 1989. The Coachella Valley is in my blood. I have hiked many mountains, sold many homes, created a great referral network, married a wonderful man, raised a daughter, made tons of friends, get to enjoy my 5 year old grand-daughter and watch her bloom, still selling homes, still friends with my referrals, still love the desert. I hope that I can achieve the quality blog and site as you have. Thank you.
    RoseAnne Foxx
    Palm Springs Realtor – RoseAnne Foxx on Facebook

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