Day 69 – 365 Things To Do In Bellingham, WA – Padden Creek Lagoon

If your in Fairhaven walking down Harris Ave toward the Ferry Terminal looking at the plaques that tell the story of Fairhaven’s past, stop by Padden Creek Lagoon. There is a small observation deck above the lagoon to spend a little time at and a sign that tells a bit about the lagoon. When the tides out it looks like a mud flat, when the tides in it fills up with water and looks like a very little bay. It’s a unique place where Padden Creek which is fresh water meets Bellingham Bay, which is salt water, this is called an estuary, they sign says that estuary’s account for half the life in the world’s oceans.

There is a peace pole there at the site as well with the saying “May Peace Prevail on Earth” in four languages

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