Day 61 – 365 Things to do in Bellingham, WA – The Hub

Do you like to wear a dress over your corduroy pants? Do you have greasy, matted up hair that qualifies as its own ecosystem? Do you think that voting during a Presidential campaign is a waste of time because the American system of government is set up in such a way as to present a false-choice between two nearly-identical evils? If so, then you probably already know about “The Hub,” and this article is not directed at you.

If, on the other hand, you’re a starving college student, a regular citizen who has fallen on hard times and needs a helping hand, or just some guy who drives a broken down heap with no brakes and really wants to cut down on car expenses, then this article IS directed at you!

So then, what is The Hub? I’m glad you asked…

Founded about 8 years ago by Bellingham resident Kyle Morris, the Hub is a “… non-profit, community based, bicycle shop dedicated to inspiring love for bicycles for anyone who has love to give. …majority of bikes sold here are bikes once forgotten but given new life through the generous donations of the members of the community and the hard work, tender love, and care of the staff. A large section of the shop is dedicated to open shop space to anyone who wishes to service their own bike. Donations are accepted by the hour. Tools are provided. Donations of the monetary variety and the bicycle variety are greatly appreciated.”

With about 200+ refurbished bikes for sale, as well as numerous piles and cabinets full of spare parts, the Hub personifies the spirit of community that Bellingham is so well known for. Bikes are donated from all over the area, and large amounts of the proceeds go directly to programs for the homeless and others in need. Sure, there are some other really great local bike shops, but those cater to folks who can afford several hundred or a few thousand dollars on a brand-new ride. The Hub offers perfectly decent bikes in the $250-450 range, and their emphasis on education and teamwork keeps repair and maintenance costs to a minimum.

With just a handful of employees and several volunteers, the Hub offers classes on bicycle maintenance and, for only $5/hour, offers a community repair space filled with every type of tool and how-to manual.

  • In honor of this month’s 7th Annual Bike to Work and School Day, the Hub is celebrating with a community pancake feed from 7-10am on Friday, May 21st, followed by a BBQ with live music, scavenger hunt, and a raffle on Saturday the 22nd, beginning at 11am. It is their biggest event of the year, and an excellent opportunity to get to know what they’re all about!

The Hub is located at 903 1/2 N. State Street in Bellingham. It sits off the street, between State and the South Bay Trail… 360.255.2072

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