Day 58 – 365 Things to do in Bellingham, WA –Tennant Lake

Tennant Lake is a great place to take a  quiet walk through in incredibly diverse wetland and what some people say is the  most spectacular wetlands in Washington State. It is a shallow lake surrounded by wetlands. Take a walk on on a mile long boardwalk  through swamp and marsh habitats where you may see all kinds of songbirds, raptors and waterfowl as well as the occasional deer, beaver and other wetland creatures.

You can climb the 50-foot viewing tower get a spectacular overview of the lake and an awesome view of Mt Baker.

Tennant Lake also has an award-winning fragrance garden. There are over 3,000 square feet of raised beds filled with fragrant plants to explore. The best time to visit is in the summer when lots of plants are bloom. Name plates make it easy for you to pick out plant species you like. The raised beds, braille labeling, and fragrance make it a great garden for those physically and sight impaired.

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