Day 31 – 365 Things To Do In Bellingham- Pel Meni’s

Russian Dumplings Cure Depression


Chances are, you’ve never had Russian dumplings before. I’ve seen them in only one other place, which is now closed. Pel’Meni’s dumplings are basically peirogis, stuffed with either potato or beef. Ordering lunch doesn’t get much simpler. Served in to-go boxes with a slice of bread and side of sour cream, these make a great on-the-go lunch, or an even better late night snack. Fortunately, they’re open until after 2am, making for a fantastic pit-stop on the way home from a long night at the, uh…library.  If you like spice, be sure to add some of their signature hot sauce to your sour cream. Be warned, though… it’s very, very spicy. It usually ends up making my eyes sweat…


Like many of my favorite businesses, Pel’ Meni is pure Bellingham…housed in an historic lofted building filled with local art. They’ve got a record player with a pretty decent collection of LPs, from which patrons are free to choose, giving the atmosphere a fluctuating vibe that moves with the moods of visitors, day and night.  Some days it will be Lionel Richie, some days Dolly Parton… You never know.


There are rumors of a second location opening somewhere in Seattle, but for now their State Street location is the only one.  They don’t deliver, but they do encourage phoned-in orders, so give them a quick call before you head over.  360.715.8324 Don’t worry, you don’t need a menu…there are only two choices: potato or beef. Pretty simple…even at 2am.

pel meni map
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This post is part of the Facebook series “365 Things to do in Bellingham“, produced Rob LeRoy and myself .

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