Day 26 – 365 Things to do in Bellingham, WA – Tony’s Coffee,

If you were to ask a certified coffee aficionado (like me) about where to find the very best coffee in the known Universe, you would very likely hear “Tony’s!!!!” blurted back at you before you’d even finished the question. There is simply no comparison to be made between Tony’s and any other coffee. It’s sort of like saying there is Earth…and then there are all the other planets. Now you know…

Located in Bellingham’s historic Fairhaven district, Tony’s Coffee has been, quite literally, a cornerstone of the Bellingham cultural scene since 1971. I say “literally” because Tony’s occupies a corner of Fairhaven’s Terminal Building, built in 1888. While I realize that a semantic argument can be made against the use of the word literally, I will thank all of you grammar-snobs for allowing me a little wiggle room here…

Based in Bellingham, Tony’s has been a leader in green, organic technologies and specialization in good old-fashioned craftsmanship. Though their products are available in numerous restaurants, cafe’s and retail outlets throughout the West Coast, Tony’s has chosen to remain a boutique operation, emphasizing quality over quantity, and it shows. (order online here)

Their location in Fairhaven is always warm and inviting, offering a perfect place to start the day or spend an afternoon with great friends or great books. I love to sit at the rail up against the front windows and watch the people walk past the bustling intersection outside. Tony’s always seems to have a certain buzz about it… You can just feel it when you walk in, almost as if the pulse of the community- it’s whole energy and being- can be felt radiating directly from within its old walls… If you want to really get to know the essential character of Bellingham, spend a late morning or afternoon sipping from one of Tony’s myriad delicious brews and you’ll know what I mean.

…and make sure you try one of the chocolate chip cookies.

This post originally published by Rob LeRoy  and is part of our Facebook series “365 Things to do in Bellingham”,   produced by myself and Rob

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