Day 18 – 365 Things to do in Bellingham, WA – Local Music – The Librarians

 Tonight The Librarians are playing at the  Honey Moon “An eclectic urban winery and tasting room in the heart of Bellingham’s Market District,” .

What would a group named the Librarians sound like. The name brings to mind a soft, folksy sound, music to read by, but they know how mix it up with some tunes that would get them asked to leave the Library. They have recently received the  “Best Highway Americana” award at the 9th annual What’s Up! Awards show.

The Librarians are Carly James, her husband Kevin Nelson, Bruce Shaw, Allegra Ziffle, Kevin Wharton, Joel Ricci and Chris Opteka.

“We’re friends trying to create beautiful sounds together,” band member Carly James said. “Our favorite moments on stage are when it’s feeling so easy and natural,”

The group grew out of  late-night, jam-sessions at the old Bison Bookbinding and Letterpress shop– James’ and Nelson’s business.

Honey MoonLook for the Librarians live at the Honey Moon, on Tuesday March 30.

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