Day 17 – 365 Things to do in Bellingham, WA – The Community Food Coop

 Communirty Food Co-op

The Community Food Coop has been Bellingham’s natural cooperative grocer since 1970. The first store opened in  Fairhaven as a 900-square-foot store with few items and has grown to a two-store 12,000-member-strong natural grocer. It is a member owned cooperative but you don’t have to be a member to shop there.

They have a large selection of organic produce, meat and seafood, wine, a great deli, an espresso bar, bulk items, natural and organic grocery items, baked goods, dairy, and supplements and wellness products. They have a  great cafe with freshly made salads available every day.

Part of the Co-op’s mission is to serve our community. They offer a wide variety of  classes, including cooking, health and well-being, and other fun stuff, such as soap making or bird-watching sponsor events,

The Co-op sponsors several events throughout the year, including musicians, art exhibits, and athletic events. They offer donations like giving a percentage of the day’s sales to 12 organizations chosen as Community Shopping Day recipients and they support local farms.

Shop at the Co-op.

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