Day 16 – 365 Things to do in Bellingham – Sehome Arboretum

view from the Sehome Arboretum observation tower

Here’s a quick idea for an afternoon hike in Bellingham.  The arboretum atop Sehome Hill comprises 180 acres and features over 5 miles of walking trailsthat wind around the hill behind the campus of Western Washington University, culminating in an 80-foot observation tower at the top.  The picture above is of the view of downtown Bellingham and Bellingham Bay and, despite my sweet camera skills, fails to do the view justice. There is no place like this in town…the view is simply staggering.


The best part is that you can get here from just about anywhere. We walked from our house to the top of the hill, then back down to get some food downtown. It feels great to be able to go for a hike without ever having to get in the car.  There are access points at the top of Jersey Street, and along the eastern and southern edges of Western’s campus.  The hike is roughly 15-20 minutes between access points and the observation tower.

Sehome arboretum observation tower

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