Highland Heights Park Neighbors Care

P1030597 The Alabama Hill neighborhood has two parks, St. Clair and Highland Heights. The neighbors and users of Highland Heights Park have recently started a blog to try and get others interested in helping to get the city to make some needed upgrades to the park.
It seems like some of the park equipment has been breaking down and is being removed by the city. The good news is that the city has said that new playground equipment and professional service and design for the park are part of the 2009 city budget. The actual construction phase is in the 2010 budget. The bad news is that the city is projecting a budget deficit and they’re looking for places to make budget cuts. The city had approved improvements to 2 parks in 2009, the other park has been removed from the plans leaving only Highland Heights. But considering the financial strains of the times, it probably wouldn’t take much to take the park improvement off the budget.
The Alabama Neighborhood Association is trying to come up with ideas to help get the park improved. Their suggestions include a fundraiser, maybe a garage sale in spring, or some other creative way to come up with some funds to show the city that the neighborhood is serious about upgrading the park. With money on the table to help the city is less likely to remove the park improvement project from the budget. If you’re interested go to http://highlandheightspark.ning.com/ and help make Highland Heights Park one our kids can really enjoy.

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