Bellingham’s Western Washington University Planetarium

 I have been looking forward to taking my son to the Western Washington University Planetarium this week. Thursday Feb 28 6:00PM & 7:30PM they will be having a public showing.

They will be telling the story of Orion, always one of my favorite of the night sky as it brings in lots of the other constellations into it’s story.

Western’s planetarium has a state-of-the-art projector, called Mediaglobe, it can show more than 6,000 stars and space objects instantaneously. It also has a full-color digital projection system and Dolby Surround Sound. What an incredible resource we have right here in Bellingham that is not very well known. Check out the Planetariums website at for some interesting links about the night sky, and another great resource for the community, Public Night Sky Observingusing WWU’s 12 inch telescope, most Wednesday nights when the sky is clear at 7pm or twilight which ever is later.

Thank you WWU Physics & Astronomy Department.

Photo Courtesy  of by Dan Hershman

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