Bellingham’s RE Store – Recycled Treasures for your Building Pleasure

 Bellingham’s RE Storeis a treasure for those do-it-yourselfer’s around town. Since 1993 the RE Store has made used building materials available to anyone looking to save a few dollars and include some charm from the past into their building projects.

If you are looking for doors or windows, cabinets or sinks, hinges or doorknobs, paint or just about anything related to the building process, stop by to see what kind of treasures you can find.

I shopped at the RE Store often when I was building my own home years ago and got some great treasures there.

The store not only makes materials available to builders and homeowners but it helps save money on disposal costs and helps reducing waste and saving resources all while helping the  local economy by creating jobs and generating local tax dollars, A true winning situation for all involved.

 They have a crew that can salvage materials from homes that are being torn down and save a lot of material that would otherwise be destroyed and taken to the dump. I know ion the past they have even helped demolish some old schools and gotten some beautiful old material out of them. They also recycle electronics for a small fee and make sure they get handled in a responsible manner. They can help save beautiful old plants that might normally get destroyed in the demolition of an old home as well. They accept donations of materials to be recycled in the community.

They also sponsor workshops on working with used building materials, green building, & energy efficiency, They also have a store in Seattle. 

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