Bellingham’s Boulevard Park to get New Pavillion

 Boulevard Park is slated to have a new pavillion, stage, bandstandporch. The park has a great summer concert series which for years has been using a temporary stage that has to be put up and taken down each time it is needed.

The Porch as it is being called will be made of materials that will be naturally beautiful and long lasting: recycled timbers, crafted stone, and hand-forged iron work, among others.

The porch will be a memorial to Mark Witter’s life in craft and music. He was  resident of the Columbia neighborhood, coach & friend to many, a blues musician who
performed in Bellingham, and an important figure in the timber frame community who died recently unexpectedly.  Inspired by Mark’s life, Cascade Joinery, a timber framing company where Mark worked, has proposed to the project suitable for musical performances, weddings, and other ceremonies that bring
the community together.

There will be fundraiser to help pay for The Porch at Boulevard Park on Sunday Feb 24 at the UpFront Theatre,

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