Bellingham’s Sanitary Service Expands Recycling Program

 Today is America Recycles Day so I thought I would tell you about a new recycling service in town.

Bellingham’s Sanitary Service has just added plastic tubs and containers to its recycling program. I am so glad to hear this good news. It is always been very frustrating having these containers lying around saying they are recyclable and having no place to recycle them.

That’s all changed now. Bellingham’s 2006 recycler of the year Sanitary Service Corporationhas finally taken another step in the right direction in cleaning up the environment. All the plastic that is collected in the curbside recycling program is delivered to Northwest Recycling in Bellingham where it is  sorted, baled, and shipped out for processing.

Recycled plastic is used to make a variety of products from composite lumber used a lot in taking to fleece clothing.

This is great news for the environment.

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