Washington Association of REALTORS(R) Annouces Media Blitz.

The Washington Association of Realtors has announce the launch of Phase II of it’s Housing Opportunities Public Outreach Initiative. Beginning Saturday, January 6 through 21, they are running the second phase of TV, radio and newspaper ads to call the public’s attention to the shortage of homes for middle income buyers. This effort is designed to raise the profile of our housing issues enough to grab the attention of Washington’s lawmakers.

The ads direct people to the initiative’s new website, http://www.ItsaPriority.com, where they can learn more about the issues, view all of the ads, write a letter to their newspaper and contact their state legislators about their concerns for the lack of home availability and affordability.

The ads will air primarily on television (ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, ESPN, HGTV, Lifetime, TNT, USA) and 29 radio stations throughout the state.  Newspaper ads will also run in “The Olympian” to get the attention of lawmakers.

The TV ads call attention to the problem:
“It’s the Big Squeeze. Middle income homes close to our jobs getting harder to find. So more commuters are stuck in traffic. It’s only going to get worse with Washington’s population booming. Isn’t it time lawmakers make these issues a Priority?”

As a reminder, the entire initiative involves three phases:
Phase I: Fed Up – This first phase launched calls attention to the problem traffic, poor planning, lack of housing choices. It introduces the website http://www.ItsaPriority.com
Phase II: Action – The second phase focuses on the necessity for policy-makers to take action, providing choices for living close to work, reducing traffic, providing housing affordability in communities, addressing problems of growth and infrastructure, planning for prosperity or risking economic security. They will encourage logging on to the website to urge lawmakers to make this issue a priority.

Phase III: Solutions – The third phase is to build the need for lawmakers to adopt solutions to provide jobs/housing balance, plan for homes for jobs, housing choices for typical families (teachers, nurses, police and firefighters and our children), and improve our quality of life. The public will again be directed to log on to the web site and urge lawmakers to take action on legislation to address this priority. 

 Visit http://www.ItsaPriority.com to see more of how you have helped contribute to issues important to our industry and our communities.

from Washington Association of Realtors

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