City Council considers New Library on the Existing Site

Bellingham Public Library officials will present information about citywide library services to the Bellingham City Council on Monday, Jan. 22, and seek approval to plan for a new library on the site of the existing facility.
The Board of Trustees for the Bellingham Public Library is recommending the current library block for construction of the new central library. The 55-year old library building would be eliminated to provide for a new building with 1 or 2 levels of underground parking and green space.

Technical studies indicate it is possible to remove the current building and then construct a new library with a plaza, green space, and underground parking. Once the City Council reviews the Library Board’s recommendation and approves a final site, the next steps include selection of architects, preliminary design work, and bringing a plan to the voters with a bond issue. The Library Board anticipates a bond issue would include funds for structural improvements to the historic Fairhaven branch, along with funds to extend library services to the north side of the city.

Throughout the process, the library will seek public input on their hopes and dreams to develop the best new central library and life-long learning center for the entire community. For information, visit the Bellingham Public Library website at

From COB website

I think they ought to wait and consider putting the library at the new waterfront downtown (Old GP site.) How about some othere smaller libraries around the city like the one in Fairhaven. Any thoughts out there.

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